Frequently Asked Questions
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What theaters are part of your network?

We have partnered up with hundreds of theaters around the country including major chains as well as independent.

Am I guaranteed a minimum fee?

Yes. We want to make sure that filmmakers are compensated for their work.

How long until I get paid?

We disburse payments monthly.

Do I have to own the rights of a film to list it on your site?

Yes, you must own theatrical rights for the film.

Is there a fee to add my film?

There’s a one-time $500 administrative fee to add your film to our catalog.

How long can my film be listed in your catalog?

Your film will be listed for 3 months after its last screening

Do you market the film?

In most instances, we will help promote your film via our social media channels and email blast. We can also refer you to PR professionals we work with. Part of the coaching you will receive includes how to properly market your film and create a winning grassroots marketing strategy.

What kind of coaching is provided?

You will receive a workbook, along with an online class. We also host bi-monthly training group calls with filmmakers.

What dates are available to set up screenings?

That depends on the location of the theater but most screenings will take place Monday through Friday.

Are there any hidden fees?

We pride ourselves in being transparent when it comes to payout and fees.

Does IndieSeats retain theatrical rights?

We do not retain any theatrical rights. We do require that IndieSeats is the only self-distributed theatrical Release Platform the film is a part of.

What if I would like to screen at a theater that is not in your network?

You can let us know which theater you’d like to screen at and we will contact them to attempt to set up a screening on your behalf.

Do you handle the delivery of DCP or BluRay?

In most cases, we do unless there’s a special set up for your film.

Is there a minimum number of screenings required?

Technically no, but our goal is that every one of the films on our catalog has at least 10 screenings.

Do I have to be present at every screening?

No, you don’t. But whoever is hosting a screening needs to be present.


How does IndieSeats work?

We have partnered with movie theaters around the country to bring you cinematic gems you won’t find anywhere else.

Why is there a minimum number of tickets required?

The films in our catalog are true independent films, in order to allow the films to screen at movie theaters, we must guarantee that a minimum number of tickets are sold to cover the costs.

Can I request a film at my local movie theater?

We’ve partnered up with movie theaters around the corner. If you don’t see a theater in our list send us a message and we will reach out to invite them to become a part of IndieSeats.

What happens if the minimum requirement of ticket sales isn’t met?

The screening is canceled and funds are returned to attendees.

If I want to become a host, do I get a commission from tickets sold?

Our focus is on filmmakers. There’s no commission from hosting a screening, the proceeds are shared directly with the filmmaker.

Do you provide any coaching for Hosts?

We sure do! Once you sign up to host a screening you will receive an online class and workbook.

Do I have to know the filmmaker to host a screening?

You do not need to connect to the filmmaker but we do encourage it.


Can I purchase tickets at the box office?

You can purchase tickets only on our website. We close the box office two hours prior to the screening.

I attended a film and want to bring it to my city. How do I do that?

Please visit our film catalog and select the film you’d like to bring to your city. Follow the instructions and we will be in contact with you to set up a screening.

Why is there a minimum number of tickets required?

The films in our catalog are true independent films, in order to allow the films to screen at movie theaters, we must guarantee that a minimum number of tickets are sold to cover the costs.

Do you also screen blockbuster movies?

From time to time our catalog will include Hollywood films, but our focus is on Independent films that usually don’t get a change to have a Theatrical distribution.

Will the films be available on other platforms?

Each film in our catalog has its own distribution journey. We designed IndieSeats as a way to help Independent Filmmakers share their films directly with fans. It is our experience that how a film performs theatrically, the better chances it will have to land on a major platform.

How can I support a film?

Great question! Share the link to screenings, bring someone with you to a screening or host a screening of your own.


How do we join your network of theaters?

Please write to and someone from our team will be in touch.

When do IndieSeats screenings take place?

It depends on the theater, but most of them take place Monday through Thursday.

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